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Providing quality commercial ventilation as well as cost effective cooling/heating control is important for manufacturing facilities. Whatever the industry you work in, whether it is ship repair, boat building, construction, food processing, or mining, the lack of air movement on work sites can exacerbate safety issues associated with heat, air quality, noise control, and fire hazards.

Any commercial ventilation system will not reach its performance potential if components are poorly manufactured or installed improperly. Several factors contribute to poor performance of ventilation systems including long duct lengths and compression in flexible ducts, each resulting in a loss of ventilation rate and a significant increase in power and energy consumption by HVAC systems.

There are many new and innovative commercial ventilation products available, that can save energy, decrease utility bills, enhance thermal comfort, and improve indoor air quality. Examples include, more stringent requirements for commercial ventilation fans, pollution or moisture-based source-point ventilation, and whole-building ventilation systems; Requirement for automatic controls or systems capable of being set remotely for continuous operation. The following sections provide examples of code improvement language or methodologies along with technical examples of how to meet or exceed code.